Pancakebunny: (Unofficial) Community Survey

5 min readSep 6, 2021

The Mound Vault is starting this week! I imagine you all have it marked in your (mental) calendars. I keep shouting “Mound Vault!” at my poor wife, but for some odd reason she refuses to remember what that is. I’ll have to send her over to Hopezz’s MND articles to remind her of the latest :-).

Thanks to everyone in the Bunny Discord, Reddit, and Telegram communities for taking the time to fill out the survey. We originally created three separate copies of the survey as we thought it would show some contrasting opinions between each of the platforms, but in the end there were no significant differences — good to know for the future!

The following results are from 10 questions with around 90 total participants. I’ve highlighted some of the additional ideas and responses below each question.

No big surprises here.

Interesting result: “Youtube” was provided as an additional source of discovery — I’d be curious to know which videos in particular…

Vaults & APYs, woof, the exact two things that have suffered recently.

Surprising result: I expected many more “buy low — sell high” responses here. But this is promising — higher APYs and attractive vaults are much easier fixes than a quick return to the $50+ ranges.

Favorite “Other” response: “Buy high, sell low.” Apparently that’s my favorite reason for investing in places as well, so “cheers!” to that respondent.

Belief in the future!

Common sense result: I think the people most likely to respond are people with hopes and plans for the future with Bunny. I imagine there are lots of “compensation types” that aren’t interested in surveys.

“Other” responses of interest: A few people pointed out they got a good “market entry point” after Bunny’s exploits and so they’re sticking with it. Also, a few users mentioned “good presales” and “diversified ecosystem.”

We got some burners!

Interesting contrast: We have the old way of “buyback and burns” at 52% and the hope for “something new or unique” at 31%. I can see why this is a commonly-debated topic for users.

Wen Binance?

My realization: Back in the sweet Spring Days of Bullish Bunny, I used to harbor a tiny bit of irritation at the constant “Wen Binance?” questions. But now with the semi-degen nature of the token, I kinda wanna see it! However, upon further thought, I doubt Binance is going to want to list a token with Bunny’s history…perhaps a different exploit-free token would be a better bet? Something that starts with a “Q” perhaps?

Lock it up!

Surprising result: I really thought “marketing” was going to dominate this one, but I forgot that there might be a lot of people like me who suffer from exploit PTSD and now just want a secure place to invest their money. If I’m trying to read the minds of the dev team, I would guess they’d like to ensure a secure product before marketing it aggressively.

“Other” noteworthy comments: A few people requested more dev accessibility or at least a transparent roadmap, so that the community can follow along with the progress of certain items. Quick pros of a transparent roadmap: builds trust and excitement with more opportunity for community feedback. Quick cons of a transparent roadmap: fixed dates can lead to demand and disappointment. Plus it might allow competitors to see ideas and their stages of development.

Least popular question.

This one didn’t get a lot of answers, but maybe because it was a late addition to the survey (sorry to this question’s creator!). There was an answer to a previous question though that fits this one nicely:

“Use Bunny/Polybunny as a Launchpad IDO (initial dex offering), similar to the way CAKE is used to farm other new tokens/projects.”

I love this. And while it’d be difficult to beat CAKE at its own game, how about PolyBunny?

Looks like a Peace symbol…

Not sure what I expected for this question, but when I saw the results, I thought “Yeah, that seems right.” In the end, we should keep in mind that we’re on the same community team: exploited or not exploited, we all want Mound to do well (except for the occasional “this thing is dead” troll of course).

Eventually we all wanna be in the Yellow, right?

Surprising result: The fact that almost every participant answered this question! I figured with all of the “trustless” vibes out there that this one would be the most-skipped question. Thanks for sharing! I’m not sure what I learned from this question, but still, kinda cool, yeah? Almost 20% over $100k…nice.

My favorite answer: “I’m a Moundsman.”

This last one was another kind of silly question. I wasn’t quite sure what the answer would be or what I’d do with it. But here it is!

Contemplative result: The large number of “what’s a degen?” responses made me reflect upon all of the acronyms and special terms we use every day in the defi community. As defi becomes more and more global, I’ll try to keep in mind that we’re sometimes speaking another language (Definglish?) and that it might be difficult for people who are already trying to speak their 2nd language (plain ol’ boring English).

For future reference, here is the “degen” definition from CoinGecko:

Degen trading or Degen mode is when a trader does trading without due diligence and research, aping into signals and FOMO into pumps. … Essentially, a degen trader buys into an asset not because they see value, rather they do so with the belief that others will join in after them and speculate on the price swings.





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