PancakeBunny: Discord Review

August 3rd — August 20th

Bane = Bunny Discord Vets / Other Dude = Impatient Degens

1) Wen is Mound (MND)?

We still get a steady stream of questions about how to check for the MND token and what can be done with it. The Mound Vault page still has most of the useful information for answering some of the basic questions. They updated it recently to show the “Effective Value” and the current amount of rewards accumulated in the vault.

2) Wen QBT-BNB end?

Thu Sep 16 2021 09:33:42 GMT+0000.

Qubit gamification got me all like…

3) Is Bunny dead?

Bunny is not dead. But perhaps the moon-hunting degens that bought in after the Flash Loan are dying. There are 3.4M Bunnies locked in a steel MND vault cage, so at least we know there is a reasonable price floor. We’ll see how low it goes, but I would recommend to anyone desperately holding out for a new ATH to not hold their breath — or sell at a loss or smaller gain (NFA, but kind of FA, and so on).

4) Where Bunny APY? / Wen Bunny->WBNB again?

“Over the last 90 days, the team distributed about 50 million dollars that was earned and stored pre-flash attack.”

5) What is happening to pBunny?

The pBunny compensation vault has been removed. The pBunny themselves were converted to MND, which was dropped to our wallets a few weeks ago and the unclaimed rewards also should have been airdropped to your wallet as well. If you seem to be missing all of things or you have questions, the Discord server is the place to go for help and answers.

6) Wen next Degen Delight?

We don’t have to wait for this launch (get it?). Chef Crypto has cooked us up sumpin’ special.

Bunnyshrimps with bouncin’ beans…and rice. Price: 1 QBT a week from now.



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