Pancake Bunny: Discord Review

July 19th — August 2nd

Check your wallet for your MND, bunny-people.
  1. WTF is this? Is this a joke?
  2. Why didn’t I get more?
  3. Yeah, why didn’t I get more also?
  4. Where can I stake this?
  5. Why can’t I stake this?
  6. Why isn’t this locked?
  7. Why can people buy & sell this?
  8. Why is it $16?
  9. WTF am I supposed to do with this?
  10. Why don’t I just sell now and buy back before the 1st claim?
  1. Please read the Medium articles.
  2. Please understand the Medium articles.
  3. Please research what you’re investing in before investing in it.
  4. Please make the choice: buy, sell, or HODL.
  5. Sell if you dare, but don’t expect to buy back later at the same price.
  6. Please no more exploits before MND vault launch.

MND Suggestions from the Community

The Supermassive Black Hole of Moby Dick

I wrote the title…and then I read the title. I’m keeping the title.

The MND Burn Dragon

In addition to the hoarding of valuable assets for its holders, another thoughtful Discordian pointed that the MND vault could be used for buybacks, burns, and reinvestments.

  1. Holders could vote to deduct a % of their daily/weekly rewards to buyback and burn MND. Unlike all of these other tokens that are burned with unlimited supply (I’m looking at you CAKE), a burn on a MND fixed supply should lead to serious value boosts, not just the marketing kind.
  2. Holders could vote to reinvest a % of their daily/weekly rewards into the Maximizer pools for increased returns on their daily claims.

Degen Delight Series

With the market in the green this week, our Crypto Chef was able to afford a slightly more extravagant dish.

SalMND with Apricot Glaze: Price = 2/3 of current market value MND



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