Pancake Bunny: Discord Review

July 4th — July 18th

4 min readJul 18, 2021


About a week ago, a fellow Discord user and I were joking about what we say to ourselves every night before bed.

His mantra was “No exploit, no exploit, no exploit” and mine was “No flash loan, no flash loan, no flash loan” — and we promised to repeat it nightly to keep our Polybs safe.

Two nights ago, however, exhausted from a day of frivolity with family and friends, I forgot to repeat my mantra. 8 hours later I woke and saw what I had done. I failed us all and for that I am deeply sorry. Never again will I forget my duty to the community.

And so you see, I joke. I make light of the exploit that took millions of bunny-based dollars from us all. This is how I cope with things I cannot control. I make jokes.

But then I think “I did have control — I decided to put my funds in those vaults. I decided to keep them in those vaults. I chose to do that. It was in my control the whole time”…so it is in my control.

And then others might counter: “But I put my funds there because I trusted the Bunny dev team based on their promises and their plans for security. So they are the bad actors that are responsible for the lost funds.”

And then others would counter that with: “But it’s Defi, bro. You’re chasing these high rewards which come with high risks. The code is transparent. If you don’t like it, just leave it. You’re responsible for your own money!”

And then they would counter back again: “No, they stole my money. I want it back.”

And then…and then…and then.

Our Discord server bears witness to all types of crypto grief. Many of us are survivors of two flash loans now and yet we continue on. Some troll, some FUD, some attack, some make jokes, some announce their departure, some try to console, some put in GIFs, some make demands or threats, some play Code Captain Hindsight, and some just “LOL”.

In the end we are all just going through the Stages of Crypto Grief:

  1. Shock and denial: When you see the price.
  2. Pain and guilt: When you fully realize what has happened.
  3. Anger and bargaining: When you blame something (either yourself or the devs or the bunnies at the local pet store)
  4. Depression: When you stare sadly at the $ value of your portfolio.
  5. The upward turn: When you see a small jump in the price again.
  6. Reconstruction and working through: When you start receiving compensation or move on to a different project.
  7. Acceptance and hope: When Bitcoin goes to a million and you imagine Polyb is going to $500.

If you’ve put in “more than you can afford to lose” then these stages of grief will hit much harder. If you’ve put in what you’re mentally prepared to lose then you’ll probably skip straight to Step 6 or 7.

Veterans of their second flash-loan attack

The important thing is that we recognize we have all lost, just as we all might gain, together. So we should at least try to understand one another — especially since we are all now MNDers either by force or choice!

Discord MND Slogan Contest:

Do you want peace of mind or a piece of mnd?

Or a piece of mnd to appease the mind?

I only want a piece of peace in the mnd-le east.

QBT Launch

There’s a new Discord server dedicated purely to all things QBT. I suggest joining with any questions you have for the QBT-dedicated mods there. Also there’s a voice chat channel there in which one particular user spends a lot of quality time…so that could be fun.

Also worth mentioning here: it was hinted in Discord that the Qubit devs are different from the other Pancake Bunny devs. Apparently the QBT devs are the “seniors” of the bunch — something I think is evident in the different look and branding of the QBT protocol. No cute animals on rockets for this platform.

Lastly, we have our…

Degen Delight Series!

QBT Egg Bites — 5 cents a pop now but by next week they’ll be $10 each if you know what I mean…




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