Mound Discord Review

Sept 6th — November 10th

When I was a child, my grandpa always told me: “KJBunny, you must always remember that a return from a long writing hiatus requires a complete rebranding.”

And so, here’s to you, Grandpa:

Welcome to the Mound Discord Review (formerly the PancakeBunny Discord Review).

A short forewarning: Since token prices have been a bit grim for the Mound ecosystem over the past 2 months, the most positive shilling here is going to be for the Bunny Discord community itself. Recently I’ve been busy hopping on to numerous crypto communities on all the different blockchains — Solana, Avalanche, Polygon, Harmony — and checking out all their different methods of community building — Discord, Telegram, Twitter and Medium — and I can finally say that the Great Discord Crypto Coup is nearly complete.

If you want to learn more about what Discord is doing (that FaceMetaBook wants to do) and why it’s the best, I recommend this recent read from NotBoring.

Keep track of all the prices (including the elusive bQBT)
My recent fav is Defi-Space for chatting while we wait.
There’s a channel for specific token investors — not everyone has them all.

2 Months of Action (and Waiting)

Mound Vault Launch

We made it to the launch on Sept 10th and, depending on your level of bullishness, things have been going downhill/uphill for the Mound Vault.

Low liquidity = volatile prices. In Discord, we tracked the wallets and read the conversations of the Mound Whales, and we saw what the MND price reflected: dissatisfaction and an eagerness to sell.

To my knowledge, there has never been a token like MND and there probably never will be again. Its holders are 50% believers and 50% disgruntled investors that simply want to move on (but probably can’t because of the low prices/liquidity).

A few of the believer types in the Discord (like me) are trying to buy up the remaining liquidity, but that may be weeks or months away.

QBT Leverage Fun

The Discord community helped me learn how to do crypto like a pro, kinda.

By finding an optimal balance of supply-borrow on, I’ve accidentally found a way to both long and short a token of my choice with minimal risk.

I’ve also fallen in love with Binance’s Launchpad events. As a supplier of BNB on Qubit, it’s been great these last few months watching my Supply APR jump to nearly 50% as people move their BNB over to the CEX.

QBT vs bQBT (and my Overexcited Ape Mistakes)

This has been a hot topic since its launch. Many people in the community felt this was another example of miscommunication from the dev team and many others felt optimism in “taking advantage” of the discrepancy between QBT and bQBT prices.

For me, it was another personal adventure I can add to my ever-growing collection of “Overexcited Ape Mistakes”.

I’ve made these Overexcited Ape Mistakes all over every blockchain, but just in Mound alone, it’s been 1) Bunny->MND swap [I didn’t understand what ‘allocation’ really meant there], 2) Trying to buy more QBT at launch [I didn’t understand what bots can do], 3) Buying more QBT at $0.20 [I didn’t understand why it had reached $0.60 in the first place], 4) Excitedly buying lots of MND at $15–20 range [I didn’t understand the frustration of the investor/compensation base], and 5) Immediately dumping most of my QBT into the bQBT vault on launch [I didn’t really understand any of its mechanics and I just wanted amazing APRs].

Hindsight is 20/20 of course, but in a sense, so is patience. If I had just waited a few days or even a few hours, everything would have been clear and I could have made more informed decisions.

Local artist rendition of my Overexcited Ape Demon

But alas I continue to make these “Overexcited Ape Mistakes” with all kinds of projects mainly because I have a little degenerate demon in my crypto soul telling me that high APYs and 100x rockets are the only way I’m going to win.

Hush, my little degen demon, hush now!

On the other hand, however, clearer communication from protocols is a must. And not just in a text Medium-post format, but also with PDF visuals and handholding Youtube guides.

Before complicated new programs and tokens are launched, there should be Q&A sessions between the investment community and the development teams — or at least someone with the authority and insight to speak for the devs. I understand that language is usually the biggest barrier to these kinds of community engagement, but that’s what interpreters and translators are for these days (not written in a snarky voice).

I’m confident (or hopeful) that the Mound team is aware of the communication shortcomings at the moment and that they are looking for ways to remedy them and improve moving forward. There is still a strong sense of community in Bunny Discord and also there are people coming back or entering the ecosystem every day. Some may never forgive the team for what has happened, but the world is big and there are more people out there (my deepest thought ever).

The Gaming / NFT Phase

The “Big Bunny November” is upon us and the Discord is slightly buzzing about the recent announcements. We mobbed into the Cantata Discord server to overwhelm them with excellent crypto-veteran questions — Wen Binance? Wen moon? Wut dis? — along with all of the classic “crypto waiting gifs”.

What are we doing here again?

If things get popping over there, I might add a small section of future reviews for Cantata Discord. We’re still waiting to hear how these NFT Bunnies have “real-life” applications…

The REVV news was a bit bigger for us since Animoca is a well-established brand. Apparently they have partnerships with Sky Mavie (Axie Infinity?) and backing from Ubisoft (oh, that’s nice).

Now, really, my only question regarding that launch today is: “Wen Animoca Discord?”



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